Furnished apartments in Milan Italy

Furnished apartments in Milan Italy

4 Bocconi University students who preferred furnished apartments in Milan Italy like “Darsena“.

Chris from Thailand

Chris stayed for few months, student in Bocconi University.

“I studied briefly at Bocconi. I really liked the apartment in Milan because it was very convenient to get to lots of food. There’s a Carrefour Express just down the road. There’s lots of restaurants right across the street. There’s a bakery right below, where you can go get breakfast in the morning. It was also very convenient for public transportation.

There’s a tram that stops right in front of the apartment in Milan and there’s also a subway just down the street. So it’s very easy to get around other parts of Milan and then from there to other places in Italy.

It was convenient to school also. I think it was about 20 minutes walk, which sounds kind of far, but really didn’t seem like very far. It was easy to get to classes in the morning. I always walked. I could have taken the tram, which would have been faster, but I never felt like I had to. And neighbors weren’t loud. And I enjoyed my time here.”

Tyler from US

“I’m from the University of Michigan, and I’m studying abroad here now in Milan, at Bocconi University. And before coming to Milan, I was looking for furnished apartments in Milan.

It was a really stressful process until I found Rental Milan, and it made… It’s super easy. The price was all inclusive, internet. The pictures were exactly how the apartment actually looked, and the communication was very helpful and open.

Ottavia and Sim, super great people, so I highly recommend you book with them. It’s a very stress-free process. Also if I needed anything, like a light bulb went out, or I needed another air mattress, I just texted Sim, and within a day he came in and fixed it. So it was super, super great. So I highly recommend Rental Milan”

James from US

“I’m a junior at the University of Michigan, and I’ve been studying at Bocconi University from January to first of June. I lived at Darsena, the Darsena apartment from Rental Milan, and it’s been great.

It’s very good location, both in proximity to Porta Genova, which is like a railway station. You can easily get to a station which takes you to the airport or the center of the city. It’s also very close to Navigli, which is kind of a canal neighbourhood with lots of bars running beside of it.

So good night life, but it’s not really that noisy for being that close to such a lively area of town. There’s a doorman that comes during the week. It’ll collect packages for you and waters the garden inside the apartment.

And from Rental Milan, I’ve also had really good service. Everything’s been laid out easily for me to understand from the start of the process, from paying the deposit, how to pay rent to the owner of the apartment. It was all really simple. Ottavia and Sim are really helpful.

There’s a weekly cleaning service, or bi-weekly cleaning service that comes and does a really nice job in the apartment. You don’t have to supply anything, linens, cleaning supplies, it’s all here for you. And I actually live in the furnished apartment in Milan with one other person.

It’s a one-bedroom apartment, so you could probably do either. But Sim even provided an air mattress for us to use while we were here, so we don’t have to pick up one of those. So, overall, I would definitely recommend the apartment, yeah, everything about it.”

Student at Bocconi University in Milan

Chris from US who studied here for a year.

“It’s a wonderful apartment, very close to school. The neighborhood’s really nice, lots of activities and restaurants. I have a bunch of classmates that live in the same area, so it’s really nice to be able to meet up with people quick and easy.

Getting to school is no trouble at all, the tram stop’s here, it’s only like a one mile or 1.5-kilometer walk. Everything’s really close by. The apartment has great furniture, nice architecture.

All the people around, neighbors are very friendly. Having a wonderful time and I highly recommend the Darsena apartment here. Thank you.”

Ottavia Tagliavini

Hello, I’m Ottavia Tagliavini, your local personal assistant, the manager of this website since 2007 and the owner of the apartment called Otty. How can I help you?

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