Renting Milan Long Term as a Student Reviews

Renting Milan Long Term as a Student Video Reviews

Niko from Poland and Max from UK rented Giulio apartment for 10 months

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Hi, I’m Niko from Poland and I’m Max from the UK. We arrived in Milan 10 months ago to study at Bocconi. Rental Milan was really helpful, because we did not know what prices would be fair and the apartment we got was really nice and everything was included. The apartment is located in a good neighbourhood. We were able to make some friends and there are some supermarkets around. Also, it is a 10 minute walk to Bocconi University. There are many trams that are perfect if you want to go out during the evening.

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Good things about renting Milan from Rental Milan

When I was looking for student housing in Milan, for the second year, I wanted to move in with friends. Unfortunately, Rental Milan didn’t have the time slots we were looking for and we noticed how hard it would be to find affordable housing due to many hidden costs. Because there wasn’t an available time slots for the time period we wanted, we had to change the time period for a different stay. A positive about Rental Milan is that you can rent for shorter rental periods and most things aren’t included in other places like the internet, so that was a problem – along with internet and agency fees with condominium. Sometimes at the end of the process you have to give back the apartment in the same state that it was and most agencies take it to the extreme for one small stain for 900 euros. Included in that, you need to pay ahead for a 3 month deposit. It’s great that you can rent for shorter periods from Rental Milan.

Some useful Tips about Milan

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In Milan theres lots of useful things that you can do to make it easier here. For example, there are vehicle sharing opportunities like share and go, so if you have an international license for more than a year then you can drive a lot of other ones. I use car to go and its about 25 cents a minute so it does work out quite cheaply. There are also lots of bike sharing apps. One is called motorbike and that is about 50 cents for half an hour, so it is really good value. Also glovo when it comes to food deliviries or just anything from anywhere.

Rent Apartment Milan long term

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Hello everyone! I’m Emma from Moscow and I’ve been renting Otty apartment for one year. I’m a student and I’m very happy with the apartment and everything works perfectly. Its very cozy, and very quite surroundings and very safe so I would recommend it to everyone. The Italian team are very caring of the landlords, so I recommend to rent it. Thank you. It’s a 2 minutes walk to Bocconi. My lessons start at 8:30 and I would leave home at 8:30.

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My name is Alexander. I stayed in the Port Romana and rented an apartment in milan long term (for a year and a half). It’s ten minutes away from Bocconi and the apartment was really good and when we needed something there was always help so it was really good. Thank you.

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Hi my name is Diego. I’m from Mexico and I stayed at Susy apartments for almost 10 months. It’s a really nice apartment, if you’re attending Bocconi, because it’s a 20 minute walk and tram 15  takes you to Bocconi. It’s comfortable that she lives in the same building so she is ready to help. It’s a really good area if you’re studying at Bocconi and if you need student accommodation Milan.

Bocconi University Student from Spain

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We are from Spain and we have been staying here for four months and we go to Bocconi University. We walk 10 minutes to the tram and it’s about a 40 minute total commute and we like the area because it’s far from the centre. It’s 10 minutes away and you have a lot of nice restaurants, bars, and ice cream shops. The house has been very comfortable for 2 people. Even though its small, it has a lot of space and we have air conditioning and a heater in each room. We also have a washing machine that has been useful.

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Politecnico di Milano student from Miami, Florida

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Hi my name is Julianna and I’m from Miami, Florida. I’ve been renting in Milan for about a year and I went to Politecnico di Milano for fashion. I was living in the Misia apartment and I really have to say nothing but amazing things about Siim and this apartment. It’s very cozy and it surprises you with everything that you need with living there for a year. It is such a convenient location. It’s by metro stations. Very comfortable student housing Milan and could not be anymore grateful for this. Thank you. The commute was 30 to 40 minutes, but Milan is very close together.

Student from Turkey studying Graph Design at IED

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Hi, I’m Erin from turkey and I study at IED. Hi, I’m Francis from Turkey, as well at IED studying graphic design.

Good things about this house is that it is really close to the metro station, so it is easy to get to anywhere you want because the metro is really fast. We also have a bus 7 minutes away that can take you to school. We have a tram really close by; it is almost near our supermarket. With the tram you can go anywhere. We went to Verona. The fact that we had air conditioning helped a lot because it’s really nice. We had really fast internet and everything that someone would need. There is only one room, but we stayed there with only the 2 of us. We stayed there for about 9/10 months.

ING Worker from Netherlands who stayed at Cesar apartment

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My name is Farina and I’m from the Netherlands. I have been staying in the Cesar apartment for six months and I moved here for work and I’m working for ING and I’ve had the best time ever in this apartment and this city. This is the best area to be in. The parks and subway are close by and you can walk around safely in the evenings. Everyone is helpful and this apartment is really clean. I truly believe its an amazing place to be in.

Cattolica Student from Barcelona, Spain

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I come from Barcelona, Spain. I stayed here in the apartment for six months and it was really great because it was in the hood of Navigli district. This neighbourhood is so full of life and I will enjoy staying here because it was also so close to my university, the Catholic University. I also had to take the train for only 3 stops. The apartment was so nice and clean. It was full nice to stay in.

Ottavia Tagliavini

Hello, I’m Ottavia Tagliavini, your local personal assistant, the manager of this website since 2007 and the owner of the apartment called Otty. How can I help you?

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