Student Accommodation Milan

Student Accommodation Milan

Students who choose as accommodation in Milan Italy “Victoria” apartment:

Bocconi University student review from US

Stayed for 5 months, student of Bocconi University

“Ben: I’m originally from Canada. And I’m studying at Bocconi and doing my masters of international business. Getting there is really fast. You can take the subway. It’s only about a 15 minute subway, or you can take the tram.

It’s also very close to the Linate Airport. It was only about 15 minutes. So that was always very convenient for traveling around. It’s a great location. Very safe, especially coming from a Canadian city. It’s a very safe location. And it’s great timing. I was here for about five and a half months. And I loved every second.

Siim: Okay. You have some big schools students who come here first time.

Ben: Yeah.

Siim: The useful things to know as a student to know before you arrive here.

Ben: Yeah. So back home in Canada and America, students have a lot of mid terms, small tests, small assignments. So your exams at the end of the year are normally only about 20% to 40%. Here the exams are actually anywhere between about 60% to 100% because they mostly focus on having one big exam at the end of the year and maybe one paper as well. So it is a little different from Canada. But you do have 12 weeks to study for your exams. So it’s quite manageable.

Siim: Okay. Thank you.”

Bocconi University student review from Canada

Ella needed student accommodation in Milan for 4 months.

“I’ve been going to this school called Bocconi University, and it takes around 30 to 40 minutes to bus there. But the bus is very, very convenient and comes very frequently. And something that I really like about this apartment is that it’s very safe. And the services provided by the agency is very amazing, they’re very responsive. And something that I like outside this apartment is that it is very convenient. It’s only around 15 minutes bus to the city center Duomo, and the grocery store is right around the corner. So, overall, I would really recommend this place.”

Bocconi Universtity student review from China

Xiayi needed accommodation in Milan for one semester.

“Ottavia: Hello. I saw you’re renting Victoria Apartment and I would like to know if you are enjoying your stay, and if everything’s okay.
Xiayi: Okay. Yeah, everything is good.
Ottavia: Okay. You like the apartment?
Xiayi: Yes. It is very best. The furniture and good located.
Ottavia: Perfect. Is it comfortable or safe area to people? And to reach the City Center, is convenient?
Xiayi: Yes. It is convenient to reach the City Center, maybe less than 30 minutes.
Ottavia: Okay. And you have shops or other services, walking distance from the apartment?
Xiayi: Yes. There is a salon there, a supermarket very close to this apartment, maybe just a five to eight-minute walk.
Ottavia: Okay. Perfect. And it’s quiet?
Xiayi: Yes. But because of the ground floor, maybe not quiet. The higher floor, but it is okay.
Ottavia: Okay. So quiet street, however there isn’t lot of traffic usually in the street.
Xiayi: Yes. Yes.
Ottavia: Okay. And it’s also comfortable as… I don’t know what. [chuckle] We can cut it. So, you would recommend this student accommodation Milan Italy to other students?
Xiayi: Yes, I recommend it.
Ottavia: Okay. Thank you.
Xiayi: Thank you.”

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