Why to rent apartment from us?

Niko from Poland and Mac from UK arrived in Milan 10 months ago.

Rental Milan was very helpful, we didn’t know what to expect.
Apartment what we get was very nice at the end and everything was included & internet was set up.

Bocconi student Alexandr from France stayed in an apartment near Porta Romana for 1 year and a half. There was always help from Rental Milan, thank you!

Juliana from Miami Florida US lived and rented an apartment in in Milan long term (about a year). She went to Politecnico di Milano for fashion. She can really say nothing than really amazing thing about Siim and the apartment that she rented here in Milan Italy.

Apartments renting Milan “Risk free” for international students.

Ottavia Tagliavini

Hello, I’m Ottavia Tagliavini, your local personal assistant, the manager of this website since 2007 and the owner of the apartment called Otty. How can I help you?

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